Friday, 4 November 2016

Erin and Tom's First Dance 'Proclaimers - Walk 500 Miles' Surrey wedding dance lessons

Erin and Tom were so so nervous about dancing in front of their friends and family that they decided a very short and sweet dance intro into Walk 500 Miles wouldn't be too daunting and it would get people up on the dance floorm which they tell me IT REALLY DID!
They didn't want it to be complicated, they wanted it it short simple and a few turns to give Erin beautiful dress the limelight it deserved. Erin and Tom just had one 2hr lesson.

Well done and congrats to both. xx

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Drew Watts said...

Such amazing details. We also would be marrying soon and would like to have a snow white themed ceremony at some domestic outdoor New York wedding venues. We are in need of some fun ideas for the entertainment. Can anyone here help regarding that?