Sunday, 27 November 2011


I'm a bit late posting this one as it was back in August/ September, and I slap my wrists as Richard and Kelly were a lovely and v cool couple to teach. It was a delight to teach Richard Strange who had natural flair and an understanding of rhythm from working in the music industry and Kelly who was a natural dancer. Most importantly they had a real ease dancing with each other which was lovely to watch. Richard and Kelly wanted to learn their dance in one day so we did a 3hr lesson and then a 1hr lesson a couple of weeks later once they'd got to grips with the routine. As you can see they look amazing and did the routine proud! WELL DONE. Hx

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Tyson Sieger said...

They are a lovely couple! :) I'm sure they enjoyed the dance. Do you have a video of their dance? I find wedding dances the most romantic scenes in wedding receptions.