Saturday, 19 June 2010



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Julie and David were a very cool couple to teach. I taught them their first dance in their home in Earls Court. They were beginners, new to dance and wanted a routine that had an edge and difference. They wanted something with a upbeat feel - their choice of song was a Block Party track. We had four lessons together then they made their way to New York for their wedding. Their friends and family (who were totally unaware that they would be doing a dance) hit the dance floor straight after. I loved working with these two, we had lots of fun .They may even have some more lessons with me just for fun, so watch this space!
Congratulations to you both! xx

"We cannot be more pleased with how our dance came out. People are still talking about it. We couldn't stop smiling the whole time! Hanna has a way of just knowing what you want and creating it; her intuition. And that intuition, along with Hannah's amazing dance and choreography skills, plus her friendly and patient manner made for some fun dance lessons.
We got married in NY as we are American, and over there, couples do their first dance right after the ceremony....they get introduced to the reception and they immediately start their dance. Well, we feel that our dance wasn't only fun for us to do, but really set the tone for the whole evening. When our guests saw how much fun we were having, they just let themselves go and had fun! Thank you Hannah for helping us make such a wonderful memory, one that we will never forget!"

Julie and David
Earls Court London

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