Wednesday, 15 September 2010


These two were a complete joy to teach. Rich asked his local pub if we could use their function room and their local church hall to practice the dance (which was great!). Rich and Katherine were really committed and practiced loads, which is why their routine turned out to be so slick and impressive. They chose the song "Sway" which as a song needs passion - something they have tons of! As you can see they had loads of fun, which is what its all about. Congratulations and a MASSIVE Well Done!! Thanks for a lovely comment:

"We have just got back from our honeymoon, and we wanted to let you know that our first dance was so much fun! So we owe you a massive thank you for teaching us the moves to "sway" - it was exactly what we had hoped for and helped make the whole day such an amazing experience.

To be honest before we had lessons we (well, I) were unsure whether to learn a routine for the first dance, but now we could not imagine doing a slow shuffle in front of everyone! Loads of people could not believe we had only had 4 lessons... but we told them we had a great teacher!"

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