Monday, 23 February 2009

Sam and Simons First Dance - Clapham South

Sam and Simon married on the 7th July 2007

Both Sam and Simon were an absolute delight to teach. Neither of them had any dance experience so we took their first dance nice and slowly. Sam and Simon wanted to surprise their friends and family which they did by taking secret first dance lessons. By their final dance lesson their first dance looked amazing, that's simply down to them practicing so hard throughout the week. Well done Sam and Simon and hope married life is treating you well. xx
“Hannah was a vital part of our wedding day even though she wasn’t present! After 6 lessons we gained confidence, found we didn’t actually have 4 left feet between us and thoroughly enjoyed what for many is such a daunting moment. Our first dance was a moment we’ll always treasure, the look on our mothers faces and the fun we had was priceless. From our first dance lesson, when we needed a bottle of wine for dutch courage, to the last – we laughed and laughed. Our dance lessons were a wonderful distraction from the busyness of planning for a wedding and an opportunity to relax, have a giggle and with Hannah’s patience we felt comfortable being ourselves (no matter how bad our dancing!) With such a marked improvement in 6 weeks we’d definitely, definitely recommend asking Hannah to teach you some groovy moves – go for it!” Sam and Simon
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