Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Michelle and Matt Married August 2008

Michelle and Matt were a delight to teach. They chose a simple yet effective routine for their first dance. As we were limited for space in their house we ended up rehearsing the routine in their garden which was lovely with the sun beaming down on us. Michelle and Matt's routine was romantically slow and totally suited them. I hope you are both well, it was a pleasure to teach you both! x
"One of the favourite parts of the entire wedding for all our guests (and especially our mums!) was our first dance. They were totally shocked and the whoops and crys we could hear as we danced I will never forget. We loved it and even got the lift perfect!Thank you so much Hannah for your amazing dancing lessons. We never thought we could achieve what we did and we are so proud of ourselves but more than that is we really enjoyed doing it and our lessons with you.Thanks for all your patience and your skill I just hope I can find an excuse to get Matt to agree to another routine!" Michelle and Matt.

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